Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When do I receive confirmation of my booking?

You will receive a confirmation and a coupon within hours of booking. If the car is to be picked up weeks in advance it can take up to 36 hours before you will receive the confirmation.

2. Why has my booking not been confirmed yet?

Before you contact us, check your e-mail spam folder. Kindly contact us promptly if your booking is nowhere to be found.

3. Can you guarantee that I will receive the car that I have booked?

Generally you shall receive the car that you have booked, though you may also receive a similar car in the same class. Click on “Vehicle details” for the car in question in STEP 2 and view similar cars in the same class.

4. How am I to know the precise address from where I am going to collect the car prior to booking?

Initially, choose the car that suits your requirements, then click “Book”. The addresses are given at the top of the form.

5. May I use my driving licence abroad?

You may use your European driving licence in all EU/EEA countries as well as Australia, Canada and the USA. Several other countries outside the EU recognise the EU/EEA agreement; however contact the embassy or the authorities of the country in question if you are unsure.

6. Can I book on the same day that I want to pick up the car?

Yes, this is possible provided the booking occurs at least 2 hours in advance.

7. Do you charge any fees for booking?

No, the rate quoted under total rental rate in STEP 3 is the rate that you are to pay. No extra fees shall be levied unless you have booked any extra equipment.

8. May I cross borders to another country from where I have hired the car?

Generally, this is possible. Click “Rental details” in STEP 2 to view the neighbouring countries that you may visit. There may be a fee payable and it shall be settled locally.

9. How do I add an additional driver?

You have the option of ticking off more than one driver in STEP 3 of the booking. The rate varies between 3 Euros and 10 Euros per day, though sometimes extra drivers are included in the rate.

10. What are the age limits for renting a car?

This varies considerably from country to country and the car hire agencies that we procure. Click “Rental details” in STEP 2 of the booking to view the age limits for various cars.

Most rental agencies adopt a minimum age of 21 years, though some agencies have an 18 year old limit. Drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 may often be required to pay a little fee. This fee may be viewed under “Rental details” in STEP 2 of the booking.

11. How long must I have held a driving licence?

Normally, drivers are required to have held a valid driving licence for at least a year without any serious incidents. Remember that your driving licence must always be presented at the car hire agency counter

12. How do I amend an existing booking?

If this occurs immediately before collection, kindly call 21 03 06 23 (International customer service centre) for all amendments. You may also contact us by e-mail in the event that it occurs 5 days before collection.

13. How do I cancel a booking?

Click here and enter your booking number and your e-mail address to cancel a booking.

14. What type of insurance cover is included?

Third-party, theft and liability cover are included in all our offers. Click “Rental details” in STEP 2 of the booking to view further information on insurance and excess. Read about insurance cover here.