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Car rental Mulhouse

Are you on your long vacation and searching for car hire services in Mulhouse? Well, there is a wide assortment of car rental agencies to select from. If you’re an adventurer or a travelling enthusiast, France is undoubtedly an attractive town to consider. But, how will you stroll from one tourist destination site to the other? You can get yourself a drive of your choice and travel from one city to the other at your own pace.

Mulhouse Travel Guide

Car hire Mulhouse
Car rental Mulhouse

Mulhouse is a renowned tourist attraction city that is located in eastern France and near the German and Swiss borders. The city has a population density of 110,755 residents, as per 2019 statistics. The city is surrounded by towns such as Riedishiem which is located 1.55 miles (2.5 kilometers) away and Lutterbach town which is located 2.59 miles (4.17 kilometers) away from Mulhouse. In Mulhouse, the drive times are affected by several factors such as the route you take, rush-hour drives, speed, and road closures. If you’re planning on touring France, Mulhouse is worth your shot.

Why do tourists prefer Mulhouse destination city? What’s unique about this city? Well, this city has several compelling tourist attractions sits that offer visitors a thrilling adventurer. To start with, Mulhouse is renowned for the eye-catching automobile exhibition of Bugatti and Mercedes models at Cite de automobile. At the train museum, travel enthusiasts get the opportunity to watch an exquisite display of rail carriages and locomotives that date back in 1878. The neo-Gothic temple is another wonder that attracts visitors, considering the temple was established in the 12th century and bears stained glass.

  • Mulhouse has an estimated population of 110,755 inhabitants
  • Mulhouse destination site is located in Eastern France

Do you love visiting zoo grounds on your vacation with friends, family, and colleagues? Well, if you do, Mulhouse should be your one-stop destination site. Mulhouse Zoo is widely known as the home to tigers, lemurs, and polar bears. The zoo features a garden filled with plants of different textures and scents. During your visit to this city, you’ll also come across the Museum of Printed Textiles. In this museum, visitors get the opportunity to watch a vast collection of prints and textiles that date back in the 18th century.

Another unique feature about Mulhouse is the metal observation tower that was set up in the 19th century. The Tour du Belvedere tower is located on a hill to give visitors an exceptional watching view. Other sites to target while visiting Mulhouse are Salvator Park and Musee Historique. Musee Historique is well-designed to ensure the ancient antique lovers are well catered for considering the hall focuses on paintings, artifacts, and ancient furniture. In a nutshell, Mulhouse is well-linked with other towns and the residents are not only welcoming but also benevolent.

Explore with your rental car

Once you arrive at Mulhouse, how do you intend to visit your highlighted destination sites? Well, whether you intend to visit a park, an old city hall, or a restaurant, its advantageous to access these destinations via a rental car. The best thing about rental cars is that you can select a model that will fit your traveling needs and specifications. Le 4 is amongst the place to eat when you visit Mulhouse. The restaurant is just 430 meters away from Mulhouse town. With a rental car, you can access the hotel in 5 minutes’ time.

Church of St Stephen is another tourist attraction site to consider when you visit France. The church is located 303 meters away from Mulhouse city. With your hired car, you should access the church in a duration of 4 to 5 minutes. However, the drive time differs depending on the rush hour drives, speed limits, and the type of car being used. The Former town hall is another destination site to consider. The hall is located 315 meters away from Mulhouse city. It’ll take you a maximum of 5 minutes to reach your destination.

After a long adventure at Mulhouse, where do you get a nap or overnight sleep? Located 106 meters from Mulhouse city, Kyriad Hotel Mulhouse center is an ideal place to rest. Kyriad is a one-stop destination that features accommodation rooms, hot baths, and entertainment halls. The hotel has a lounge where visitors can socialize and have drinks at the same time. With your hired car, you only need 4 minutes to access the hotel.

Whenever you visit another country or town, it’s advisable to identify the joints where you can get basic services. For instance, you might experience a headache after your long flight. Which is the best-med store to buy pain relievers from? In Mulhouse, Chemist’s is widely known by residents considering the venture has been operational since 1649. The shop is located next to Rue des Boulangers and its 89 meters away from Mulhouse city. You only need 3 minutes to access the chemist via your rental car. Visit the chemist and enjoy customer experience at its best.


There are several airports nearby Mulhouse that offer both domestic and international flights. Inside the airports, there are well-established car rental agencies that take pride in offering you the best car that meets your specifications. VTC Transfert is an airport that offers shuttle services. Here, you can hire a car from Thrifty and Avis agencies. Visitors use this airport to other destinations such as Basel, Swiss, and Freiburg.

Zurich Airport is another airport that you can rely on during your visit to Mulhouse. Zurich is both a domestic and an international airport that serves tourists accessing other destination sites such as Switzerland, Freiburg, and Basel. The airport features car rental agencies such as but not limited to Hertz, Europcar, and InterRent. Here, you can get a car hire to visit various destinations for as little as 24 pounds per day.

EuroAirport is an international airport that is located in Saint-Louis. The airport is established to serve three different nations. If you need a rental car inside the airport, you can reach out to Hertz, Goldcar, dol, and Avis agencies. The agencies provide you with a wide assortment of car models to choose from. Visitors use EuroAirport services to reach other destinations such as Freiburg, Switzerland, and Basel.


What side of the road are you allowed to drive on while touring Mulhouse? Well, the driving rules differ depending on your country of origin. In some countries, drivers are supposed to keep left unless overtaking and vice versa. In Mulhouse, you’re supposed to use the right side of the road while driving your rental car. All motorists are supposed to adhere to the set rules or face imposed fines.

What’s the set speed limit in Mulhouse? In France, roads are well maintained. As a driver, you can be tempted to exceed the speed limit. Currently, vans, motorcycles, and cars are supposed to observe a speed limit of 80 mph (129km/h). However, the speed drops for motorists using the single carriageways up to 49 mph (79km/h). The speed limit in populated and urban areas is set at 31 mph (50km/h).

In a nutshell, Mulhouse tops the list of tourist destination sites to consider. The city has a wide variety of attraction sites that fit visitors of all ages. More so, traveling across various destinations is made easy by the fact that travelers can hire or rent a car at a cheap, considerate price. What happens when you visit a joint with your hired car and intend to spend some time there? There are several parking options available to ensure you enjoy our drive-in Mulhouse. The parking fees are standardized to cater to all travelers.