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Car rental Fuerteventura

With plans for your next vacation, one of the best destinations to visit is Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, Spain. Once there, the best means to get around the place is by car hire service. You will definitely find a reliable service provider for car rental to help you explore this Spanish island with many great things to offer. But first, you should learn more about it to know what to expect regarding where to stay and what to do.

Fuerteventura Guide

Car rental Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is located in the Canary Islands in Spain. The second-largest island in the Canaries, it borders Lanzarote to the south with a distance of 11 km between them. The island has a population of about 106,000. According to records from the National Institute of Statistics, the island’s population increased by around 2.7% in 2018, bringing it to 113,275. Pajara municipality experienced the highest growth, with more than 700 new inhabitants in a period of 12 months. Puerto del Rosario is the second most populated municipality with an estimated population of more than 39,000 inhabitants.

Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, located off the coast of Morocco. Politically, it’s part of Spain. The island has a dry subtropical climate with low daily maximum temperatures in January and higher ranges in August. The daily maximum temperatures are between 20 degrees Celsius in January and 28 degrees in August. Rainfall is minimal on the island with 141 mm per year. However, it enjoys plenty of sunshine with nearly 300 days of sunshine every year. In May 2009, UNESCO declared the island a Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve, offering a rich fossil record and paleontological sites.

  • Antigua
  • La Oliva
  • Pajara
  • Puerto del Rosario
  • Betancuria
  • Tuineje

Several cities surround Fuerteventura. One of the must-visit cities nearby is Ajuy, a small fishing village located on the west coast of the island. With a sparse population, the city is known for its rocks and black sand beach. It also offers plenty of parking spaces for cars. Another popular city nearby is Cofete, a small village located on the south of the island. This city is hard to reach without a car, which is why you should find a car rental. While it’s relatively smaller, it has a lot to offer especially in terms of entertainment.

Fuerteventura is mostly known for its beaches. The island has more than 150 km stretch of magical golden and white sands. Besides, the presence of a water park, an expansive motorway, golf courses, and marinas, completes the overall splendour of the island. If you’re looking for an active holiday, the island offers great opportunities for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Big Game Fishing, Whale Watching, as well as Diving. On the other hand, if you want to relax, then the magnificent stretch of sandy beaches provides a perfect spot where you can get in touch with yourself, as you gaze beyond the horizon.

Explore with your rental car

Antigua is one of the nearby sights and attractions in Fuerteventura. The name refers to both the town and the entire municipality. The centrally-located place is the headquarters of the local council and the administrative centre for Caleta de Fuste. Next is Pajara, which refers to the southernmost municipality of the island. It’s also the name of the small inland town, which is the headquarters of the municipality. Pajara is the largest municipality in the Canary Islands with a coastline stretch of about 150 km. The third is La Oliva, a small town within a municipality located on the furthest north.

Fuerteventura is vibrant with various hotels of different levels. The Gran Hotel Atlantis is the only hotel on the island with a Five Star Gran Lujo award. The award is the highest level that the Spain Hotel rating system can give. The hotel is located on the beachfront in Corralejo where visitors can enjoy open views of the sea. It offers a 3000-square-metre spa complex with a complete hydrotherapy water circuit and many other features. It gives visitors the opportunity to relax and unwind as they enjoy the modern facilities at the establishment.

Another high-end restaurant is the Occidental, a special adult-only zone on the furthest southern part of the island. In this restaurant, you can get a treatment of royal level, lazing in the sun and enjoying a personalized sun-bed service. Importantly, the hotel is located just 500 metres in front of turquoise waters in the expansive 4-kilometre beach. Whether you’re visiting as an individual or as a newly-wed couple, this hotel offers the best spot for adult life experience.

If you’re not into the high-end hotels, and you want a little privacy and exclusivity, then you can visit Bahiazul Villas & Club. The hotel offers whitewashed, three-bedroom royal villas with a rooftop Jacuzzi and a heated swimming pool. To take care of your gastronomical needs, the on-site Bahiazul Restaurant offers a superb breakfast buffet as well as local Spanish and island cuisines and international dishes. Snacks are always available during the day, courtesy of the Bikini Club. Importantly, the hotel staff are friendly and will help you find the best dish, snack, or drink that best meets your needs.


The Fuerteventura Airport, popularly known as El Matorral Airport, serves the entire island of Fuerteventura. The airport is located three miles or five kilometres south of Puerto del Rosario municipality. Visitors can easily access it through the FV-2 motorway. Besides, the airport has an information desk in the check-in area and a tourist information office in the Arrivals section. Also available at the airport is the pre-booked airport transfer service, which visitors can use instead of using regular taxi services. The service is ideal for couples and single travellers who would like to arrive early or leave late.

Fuerteventura offers a wide range of car rental services to suit your travel needs. The service providers have both cars and trucks to fit the needs of each traveller from individual visitors to big families. You can choose a roomy van with spacious room for family or group travel, or you can select a luxury sedan with leather seats and smart technology for a smooth, elegant drive. Sporty convertibles and hybrid cars are also available.

A good number of companies offer car hire services at the island including Autoreisen, Top Car Hire, and Europcar. The service providers are familiar with the geography of the island based on their experience in the industry. Choose a company with a stable fleet of cars, as this will not keep you waiting for your next ride. It’s also advisable to choose a travel company with offices located strategically at the airport and on the entire island.


Car rental will get you the most in terms of exploring the island. You’ll not have to use the regular taxi, which means you can save some money to help you explore the place further. Generally, the roads are in prime condition. With no constant freezing and thawing, the road surfaces are intact. The roads also have many bends so you don’t get bored while driving. It’s worth mentioning that there are no traffic jams in Fuerteventura. A 20-second delay in traffic could be so awful!

Parking options are another issue of concern right from Fuerteventura airport. Since you’re using a car hire service, remember to understand the rates and the parking fines in the area. Check whether there are public parking spots that you can use free. Residential spots are tricky and your car can be towed with hefty fines. Get adequate information from your car hire provider including traffic information, speed limits, and parking options before you hit the road. Overall, the quality of roads on the island is great and driving across can be fun.

Another thing you need to check is the company’s fuel policy. Usually, full-to-full is the simplest and best policy. It simply means you pick a car when it’s full tank and return it when it’s full tank. Some travel companies also employ the full-to-empty policy, where you pick the car when full and return it when the tank is empty. Under the policy, the providers often over-inflate the fuel prices and you end up paying more. Always make sure you understand all the fine prints before you sign up for a service.