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Car rental Rimini

Rimini is famous for having one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Italy and Europe. Located on Italy’s east side coast, this city is preferred among travellers and has garnered the reputation of being the centre of Italy’s nightlife and tourism. Quite honestly, you need car hire services to tour every corner of this beautiful town. Now, continue reading this detailed guide to learn more about the best attraction sights a car rental agency can take you to.

Rimini Guide

Car hire Rimini
Car rental Rimini

Located in Northern Italy, just above San Marino, Rimini is a charismatic region which has around 145000 occupants. In addition to being the capital of Rimini Province, the city is also home to the best historical sites worth touring. The Greeks previously settled in the area, but the Romans established a colony in the town in the third century BC. It was the Romans who formed the base of the present-day city, and this is evident that most buildings they built are still standing to date.

Rimini is part and parcel of the Emilia-Romagna province of Italy. It lies between the Apennine Mountains and the River Po. Since it’s located in the coastal region, the area is vibrant and enjoys fabulous weather conditions throughout the year. Rimini offers incredible views since it’s situated between the sea and mountains. The area has it all, from superb resorts and beaches, incredible landscapes, and amazing neighbouring cities such as Riccione, Cattolica, Cervia, and Cesena.

The city of Rimini is famous for the shallow and serene waters that make it perfect for leisurely and relaxed swimming. It also offers a beautiful nightlife scene thanks to its wide array of lively bars and beachside clubs. Showered with enthralling antique architecture, including a fifteenth-century renovation of an ancient Franciscan church, the town is also a culture fanatic’s paradise. This aspect ensures that tourists here can range from history lovers to party-goers.

Many of the most extraordinary ancient buildings in Italy were built in Rimini. In 27 BC, the triumphal arch was dedicated to Emperor Augustus by the senate. The Augustus Arch is really the oldest remaining Roman Arch across the world. Additionally, some of the most memorable events in the entire history of Italy took place in the region of Rimini. Around 538 during the country’s siege, Rimini served as the most dynamic tactical point. This is the period the Byzantine army overpowered the Goths to take control of the region.

Explore with your rental car

So, if you are planning for a quick escape or a fantastic holiday destination, head off to Rimini. The region is home to remarkable must-see spots that will certainly make you fall in love with Italy and its culture. First, you need to visit the beaches since it’s what the region is famous for. Visit Lungomare Augusto and Marina Centro, where you will find beaches that offer the best beach nightlife. Marina Centro is located 0.9 Km (0.5 miles) while Lungomare Augusto is 2.2 Km (1.4 miles) from Rimini.

Rimini is also home to incredible Roman monuments. The most outstanding is the Arch of Augustus, which was constructed in 27 BC and it’s just 1.8 Km (1.12 miles) away. Other impressive monuments are the 2nd-century amphitheatre and the Tiberius’ Bridge, which was finished in 21AD over the River Marrechia to connect Borgo San Giuliano to the city centre. You can also go to the City Museum. Located in Via Luigi Tonini and 0.9 Km (0.5 Miles) from Rimini, the City Museum contains an art gallery along with archaeological evidence of the city.

Since it’s the leading tourist destination, the city of Rimini is filled with many places to shop. The magnificent Le Befane shopping mall, which was opened lately, is one of the preferred shopping locations. The mall is situated 5.2 Km (3.23 Miles) from the town. Nevertheless, the Corso d’Augusto and the Marina Centro are similarly good, especially when it comes to high-street fashion. The local craftings comprise cloth printing and ceramics.


Federico Fellini International Airport situated some 8 Km (4.97 miles) from the city serves Rimini. The airport, also known as Rimini Airport (RMI) is a medium-sized airport that primarily serves the area of Rimini Coast, Romagna, and Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The airport offers special non-stop passenger flights scheduled to nineteen destinations in ten countries.

Currently, there is one domestic flight from the airport. Ten airlines fly from and to Rimini regularly. These airlines can fly you to popular destinations like Moscow, London, Luxembourg city, and Warsaw. This airport is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like car parking, coffee shop, restaurant, information desk, luggage keeping, baggage wrapping, pre-paid taxi booth, medical facilities, and gift shops.

If you are planning to fly to Rimini, the Federico Fellini International Airport will be very useful to you. Nevertheless, you can opt to use the Falconara Airport situated 47 miles (75 Km) away or the San Egidio Airport located 64 miles (103 KM) away. You can then use cabs or buses to travel to Rimini from these airports.


Rimini has some of the most incredible roads in Italy. Here, cars drive on the right side of the road. The speed limit is different on various roads. For instance, you need to maintain a maximum speed of 50 km/h (31.07 mph) when driving in cities. Based on the road you’re driving on, the speed limit can vary from 130 (80.78 mph), 110 (68.35), or 90 (55.9 mph) km/h. Thus, watch out for speed limit signs to get the speed you are supposed to cruise at.

Rimini has several car parks, which are managed and maintained by the Agenzia Mobilita administration. Most of these parking lots are fitted with smart parking meters. Attendants control other parking spaces, while others, based on their location, demand drivers to display their previously acquired pass or permit. Therefore, you can use the parking lots located in Piazza Valturio, Piazza Ferrari, or in Piazza Malatesta.