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Car rental Torrevieja

Are you looking forward to spending some valuable time in Torrevieja, in your next vacation, and might need some car rental services in the course of your stay? Worry no more since there are tens of car hire services here. Most of them are located just next to the airport and are pretty affordable. The process of hiring one is also straightforward.

Torrevieja Guide

Car hire Torrevieja
Car rental Torrevieja

Torrevieja is one of the most amazing cities to visit in Spain. This coastal town is located about 50 kilometers south of Alicante airport. Originally, this city was a fishing village that flourished due to large salt deposits that were allowed to flourish in the town. Indeed, Torrevieja remains one of Europe’s largest salt producers. Additionally, the town features a very unique micro-climate, usually described as the healthiest in the entire European continent.

Among the aspects that make this town special include its amazing history. Here we will briefly go through some. Until 1802, the town wasn’t a town per se. It was simply a location for a guard tower and hence its name Torre (tower) and Vieja (old). At around 1803, businessmen such as Charles IV introduced salt production and processing to the town. This move started shaping infrastructural development within Torrevieja. In 1829, Alfonso XIII granted the Torrevieja with town privileges.

Most buildings in this ancient town are built of bricks. Notably, the town lacks a lot of old buildings but this should not discourage you. When walking around, you might come across restored windmills that give reminisces of the town’s sources of power in its younger days. The town gives an amazing view of the sea, whether it’s during the day or at night. Additionally, the city centre is marked by an old neoclassical church, that was purportedly completed in 1928, replacing a temple that was destroyed in an earthquake.

One of the most amazing sights here is the Pink lake. It is one of the tens of salt lakes that are located around this town. Notably, the pink late is one of the largest salt lakes in the world and indeed the only one in Europe. Just as its name depicts, this lake is pink in colour, thanks to the unique microalgae and crustaceans and halobacteria living here. This colour is most alluring during the summer.

Explore with your rental car

The city of Torrevieja has lots of places you can tour with your rental car. You can take a trip to the Mercadillo de Torrevieja, about 1,4 km (0,9 miles) from the centre. The market is held every Friday and attracts hundreds of tourists. Why? Varieties of aromas and colors rock the air here. You can taste a local vegetable or fruit here, indeed, ones that are completely unique to those from the rest of the world. Here, there is lots of wine, meat, fish, souvenirs, and clothing. Notably, prices are quite low as well.

You can also decide to take some time and tour areas around the salt lakes as well, at about 4 km (2.4 miles) from Torrevieja. This is home to the gracious flamingos you’ll see around. While the birds can be spotted in several places around Spain, it is only in Torrevieja that they are pink. You may need to note that Flamingos are white by nature, but their colouration generally depends on their diet. Here, their diet is mainly formed of shellfish. They are also in large numbers during summer, which is, of course, the best time to visit Torrevieja.

You can also visit various three-star hotels such as the Cabo Cervera Hotel, Torre Joven Hotel, and the Masa International Hotel if you are a holidaymaker that prefers personal touches and state of art services. Hotel rates are generally affordable and can range from as little as €22 (£18) to €100 (£85) per person a day.


Notably, there are no airports within Torrevieja. There are however a number of them surrounding the town. One of them is the Alicante Airport that is located about 36 km (22.5 miles) away. With a rental car, you will drive from Torrevieja to the Alicante Airport in less than an hour.

Alicante Airport is among the fifth busiest airports in Spain. From Alicante Airport there are daily departures to other Spanish cities (like Barcelona and Madrid) and also international destinations (like Portugal, Italy, England). At the airport, you will find several car rental companies available, including Goldcar and Hertz.

You can also consider landing at the Región de Murcia International Airport (RMU). This is located about 59 kilometres from Torrevieja. From here, you can consider rental car services including Europcar and Sixt. Driving from RMU to Torrevieja will take a bit less than an hour and includes a lot of nice scenery on the way.


One of the most outstanding aspects of this city is its pristine road condition. You are not likely to have bumpy rides around due to potholes. For this reason, traffic flows relatively well but, traffic snarl-ups may happen from time to time in peak hours of the day. If you are visiting the city for sightseeing, be sure to avoid it during these hours.

To make your visit here a little bit more seamless, you can use your phone’s GPS facility to move around the town. Finally, the town’s authorities charge a few Euros for parking. You, therefore, might need to pay for your parking tickets online anytime time you are intending to move around in a rental car.